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Shellacking a Tweed Cabinet
by Mike Marsh

As many of my customers have asked me how I do this on the Marsh Amp replicas, I decided to put it up on the site. First, I would make it clear that I don't recommend applying shellac to a Vintage Amp as the value of the piece is more likely to decrease than go up. However due to the nature of the material I recommend shellacking as the best way to protect the Tweed and give it a vintage look. Ok, that said it's really a simple process and will result in a good looking amp if you follow these simple steps.


  1. First, remove the amp head, baffle, back panels, handles corners etc.
  2. Mix equal amounts (50/50) of Bullseye Amber shellac (my preference) and denatured alcohol into an old Tupperware bowl (don't reuse the bowl except for another shellac job Duh!) Making sure the shellac was well shaken before mixed with the Alcohol. Then mix the two well.
  3. Using a clean nylon bristle paintbrush (nothing too expensive you will probably through it away) evenly apply the first coat.
  4. Let the first coat dry for at least two-three hours and check you any un-smooth raised fibers on the tweed. These should be gently taken off with some steel wool or even a Teflon pad.
  5. Apply a second coat and wait another two-three hours for drying and re-check the smoothness of the Tweed.


In most cases your done. If you like a smoother or darker look you can repeat steps 4 and 5. But most of the time fresh tweed will look good after two coats. Any questions please Email me. But not to argue the spelling of shellac!!!

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