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Making Champ 5F1 (or other Tweed era amps) Louder
by Mike Marsh

How can I make my Champ 5F1 circuit or other Tweed Era amps louder?

The champ 5F1 is not a very loud amp. It wasn't designed to be. That is why so many have enjoyed it as a bedroom practice amp and useful (when set up properly) as a great sounding recording amp. That said, there are two relatively simple ways get a bit more volume and punch out of the Champ 5F1.

  1. Replace the rectifier tube from the stock 5Y3GT to a rectifier with less internal resistance. This will serve to raise the plate voltage on the 6V6 power tube and thus add the bit of extra volume and Punch. 5V4 or 5AR are preferred for this mod.
  1. If the amp isn't loud enough then amplify it!!! It may seem an odd way to go but many professionals (including Eric Clapton) like the tone of the Champs circuit so much that they record their albums with it and some even gig with it. For these applications a mod that adds a line level output is the answer. The line out connection into a PA is being used more and more by touring pros. For details on how to do this mod email with info on that ohmage your output trannie is.


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