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The Heisenberg Pedal is now available!

Clean Boost/Overdrive in one!!! $189

The New Overlord Mod is now available on Most Blackface Models $300. Add D-Style overdrive inplace of the Normal Channel on a BF Amp making it two classic tones in one amp combo!!!!!

Offering high quality Amp KitsBoutique Amplifiers, Amp Cabinets, Tubes, Transformers, Speakers and Electronic Components for Amp Builders!!!

***The Buffalo Mod!!! Replace the Normal Channel on a Marsh Amp with a Tweed distortion circuit! With effects switch to add Reverb and Tremolo to the Tweed Channel!!!****

Introducing our new Marsh Amplification YouTube Channel for Video Demo's of our models!

Available now: WGS Speaker options for all Kits and Replicas email for info!!!

Marsh Amp Boutique Models can now be seen, heard and purchased at Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter Florida, On Stage with Chris Condon (Nashville Session player), and on tour with The Tom Jackson Band

Please visit our Online Store where you will find our catalog full with the highest quality electronic components, Boutique vintage amplifiers and amp kits.

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The Buffalo Reverb

6G2RT Amp!!!


Mercury Magnetics upgrades available on all Kits and Replicas!!!
Whether it's a replacement Speaker for your Fender or Marshall or Vox Amplifier or a complete 5F1 or 5E3 kit, Marsh Amplification has everything for repair, restoration or build from scratch components for the DIYer. We are proud to be dealers of Mercury Magnetics, NewSensor/Electro Harmonix, Weber VST, Mojo and others.

This Month's Specials include: Free Buffalo Mod on a Marsh Clifton Reverb

Via Paypal Rebate!!!

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